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I will put people first by protecting voting rights and democracy, ensuring reproductive and healthcare rights, and advancing equal rights and protections for all. We need to provide fair and adequate funding for education, protect the environment while boosting our economy by developing clean energy jobs and workforce development, and invest in infrastructure -- everything from broadband access, to EMS services, to physical infrastructure, and so much more. And I am committed to ensuring an honest, ethical, and effective government, which is key to achieving these goals.

You can read more about me at the "Meet Paul" page, and more about my platform at the "Issues" page. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

Our District

  • Beech Creek

  • Blanchard

  • Boalsburg

  • Clarence

  • Fleming

  • Howard

  • Julian

  • Karthaus

  • Lemont

  • Milesburg

  • Moshannon

  • Snow Shoe

  • State College

  • Unionville

  • University Park

  • Yarnell

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