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Meet Paul

My sister and I were born into a working-class family where both of our parents were employed. But after my mother died of cancer when I was ten years old, and my father lost his job and began a long battle with addiction, our small family struggled. However, despite personal tragedy and unfortunate circumstances, I was blessed with abundant opportunities to get ahead. From my father's union-supported disability pension and a high quality public education, to low-cost grants and loans that -- combined with working full time at decent-paying minimum wage jobs -- allowed me to graduate from a local public university and get a solid start in life. I believe in the power of opportunity because I have lived it.

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There needs to be change in Harrisburg. We have corrupt career politicians abandoning democratic principles to fuel their own partisan interests and grip on power. We are struggling to enact legislation that protects our residents, from voter rights to healthcare to environmental conservation, and everything in between. I will leverage my 30+ years of business experience and proven ability to bring people together and find solutions to complex problems. I will work to empower individuals and ensure that others have the same opportunities that I did. I will elevate our communities and an economy in which everyone can thrive -- not just those who are already winning. And I will support common-sense solutions, regardless of who proposes them, and champion fairness and equity for all. 


My wife, Regan, and I moved to Happy Valley over twenty years ago, and fell in love with central Pennsylvania. We made our home and raised our three children here, and plan on staying forever. In that time, I have dedicated myself to enriching the lives of students and teachers across the Commonwealth by working to increase access to the best educational technology.  Recently, I have gained invaluable experience in local government through serving as a member of College Township Council, and as Chair of both the Spring Creek Watershed Commission and Centre Region Council of Government's Public Safety Committee.


We can forge a new path for Pennsylvania -

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