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Meet Paul

Paul and his wife Regan moved to Happy Valley over twenty years ago and fell in love with Central Pennsylvania. From raising their three children here and putting them through SCASD’s public schools, to parlaying his decades of business experience into local government by serving on College Township Council, the Spring Creek Watershed Commission, and the Centre Region Council of Government’s Public Safety Committee, Paul understands how to build – and better – our local communities.


In his first term, Paul has been redefining what it means to be a champion in Harrisburg for the people across Pennsylvania. Paul puts aside hyper-partisan politics to focus on what really matters to the working people and families in HD-82: investments in emergency and mental health resources, environmental restoration and renewable energy infrastructure, community revitalization, and public school funding. And he has been an advocate and leader on legislation to further workforce development, medical debt relief, LGBTQ+ protections, veterans assistance, and stronger support systems for working people and families. 

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And like so many of us, Paul knows the hardships of struggle and the power of opportunity. Born into a working-class family, Paul lost his mother to cancer at a young age, and afterwards, his father began a long battle with addiction. But with his father’s union-supported disability pension, a high-quality public education, low-cost and local higher education, and jobs with a sustaining minimum wage, Paul was able to get ahead and start a wonderful life with his family. These opportunities set Paul up for success – but he knows that so many folks don’t have those same opportunities. That’s why he first ran for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives: to empower individuals, elevate communities, and ensure equitable opportunities for everyone.


Paul is following through on the commitments made during his first campaign, and if reelected, will continue to deliver for the families and communities in HD-82 and beyond.

You can read more about the work he does in
the Pennsylvania House of Representatives here.

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